Monday, November 8, 2010

Next best thing to True Blood

Guest post written by Rodney Schrute

When I have time to do something fun, I fully commit to it. That goes for TV shows and books especially. I watched the whole first season of True Blood in a whole day and then picked up the second season right after that. Then I caught the third season as it aired on TV this summer. So since the third season finale I've been reading all of the books that the show's based off of. Except now my problem is that I'm through with all the ones that are out by now, which is around a dozen I think.

So I went online the other day and found out that the author of the True Blood books has actually written lots of other books too, which people also think are really good. After I was through looking up stuff about them, I saw this site and read through it. Right after that I switched over my internet service to it.

I picked up a Charlain Harris mystery at the library, not really realizing that it was a book in a mystery series. Needless to say, IÕm trying to find the rest in that series to read.

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