Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday crafts for the kids

Guest post written by Brent Walsh

Normally, it's not even Christmas Eve before the kids have gone stir crazy from being home from school for just a couple of days. Plus, me and my wife are normally stir crazy by them being stir crazy by then too. So I thought that this year we would plan way ahead and make sure that the kids are occupied until it's time for them to open their presents on Christmas Day and to possibly keep them from begging to open one of their presents early.

I was looking online after I got home from work a couple of days ago to see what I could get them to make that they would actually be willing and enjoy doing. When I was looking for that stuff, I saw some information about a CLEAR internet online offer and made the decision to change over our internet access to it. I've been so fed up with our old internet company for a while, that I had been meaning to shop around for another company soon anyway.

I found some eco-friendly holiday crafts that I think the kids are going to love, or at least IÕm praying they will.

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