Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My best friends wedding

My best friend is getting married. I am so very excited for them. They have been engaged for a few years and after being very patient the date has been set for January. The ceremony will be lovely. They are going with a less traditional approach to make it their own. I actually prefer this to the standard weddings. I love seeing the creativity. Let's also face it these two are individuals in every way as well. As we all know I am a photographer but she really wants me in the wedding so I have been looking at other Virginia wedding photographers. There are alot to pick from but I really want to find someone that is creative and willing to put a different spin on things. Alot of the Virginia wedding photography seemed to center around the botanical gardens or other flowery type pictures and this is not their style at all.

There are so many lovely areas that would work for photos. Historical areas would be something I would put on my list for something that would suit them. They are going with a more antique styl theme. Victorian almost in feel with a Gothic twist. Her hair will be done up and would be gorgeous photographed in the setting sun. I am looking forward to her wedding and what work Roman Grinev will do. He has a very interesting portfolio for a Virginia wedding photographer. We still have a good bit of time before the ceremony but as we all know they creep up on you in no time. I am glad we have done our research on a photographer.

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