Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Lights And Woodpiles

Contribution by German Flowers

Late autumn is a busy time for homeowners in my small Vermont town. Raking leaves, putting up storm windows and moving outdoor furniture into sheds are weekend projects for many of my neighbors.

I've been getting ready, myself. My house has those new windows, so I don't have to wrestle with the storm windows. I still have to make sure to have the furnace checked and the chimneys swept before heating season gets too far along. One afternoon always seems to be spent watching for the heating oil delivery man.

Every year I put off moving the summer's wood pile and stacking it closer to the house. Even with the furnace, sometimes it's nice to have a fire. Plus, if we're all going to be in the same room anyway, why heat the whole house? I wait until November most years, sometimes stacking wood in the snow.

My favorite winter preparation, though, is decorating the house. I know the neighbors think I'm crazy for putting the lights up so early, but there's something about that first night, after working in the crisp, leaf-scented air. I can't wait to watch my satellite television from with the tiny lights shining in the windows. It makes me think winter is really almost here.

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