Thursday, September 1, 2011

Come on I feel like getting lucky!

Now that I have your attention! My boyfriend has recently been teaching me the art of poker. It truly is an art of odds versus your ability to beat them and read your opponets! I was concerned at first I would not be able to remember all of the hands and their orders. After hours of practicing, and at first using cheat sheets, I have finally gotten it down enough to play with others. I was searching for the Best US Poker Sites so that I could continue the interaction and practice when I was in the comfort of my home. Continued playing really does sharpen your skills with the cards.

I found some awesome Online Casinos for USA Players while searching the web. It was nice to be able to meet up with others that have a love for the sport. Yes I do mean sport! I have found myself sitting in the mornings wearing pjs and drinking a cup of jo while trying my luck against these players. The ohs and ahs and excitement do not disappear just because I am in the privacy of my home. As a matter of fact it allows me to drop my poker face making it more comfortable to let loose!

Poker Sites USA is a favorite in helping me get my game on. Learning and playing poker has brought me closer to my boyfriend. It is nice we have a game we both love to play and can enjoy together. OK I have to admit the competition can be a little stiff when we really get going, but I keep telling myself in the end we will love each other no matter who gets their butt handed to them.

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