Friday, September 9, 2011

Waking up the day

I find myself waking up for work with a need to get motivated. I pour a cup of jo to try to get that caffeine pick me up but sometimes my body wants more. I should say my soul wants more! Turning on some awesome music videos gets my brain ready to face the upcoming day. I think that the music video channels understand this as all morning they play allot of music. With a few good songs by Rihanna and my mood is up lifted. I know I could just play it but there is nothing like seeing the imagery that the artist has in mind when they conjure up the ideas for their videos. It is like an out pouring of their soul being shown on the high def screen for us to enjoy and interpret. Every artist has their own spin on videos from fantasy to realistic. I often wonder what they base their concepts on. I think I would use memories or dreams to build a base for my video but the fantasy does keep it interesting.

I really like to keep up with what is current in the music world. I find myself listening to a wide variety of genres. I think that music transcends all boundaries in life. Music is a wonderful expression for illustrating emotions or ideas and allowing the listener to really be there right alongside the artist. A visual feast for the mind and ears encompassing all senses. SO when you wake up and need some motivation grab your coffee, turn on your music videos, and get a breath of fresh air and start the day out with no turning back.

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