Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting Creative with Raven

I have recently started to expand my horizons in the creative world. I have always been a photographer and graphic artist as you have seen in my secondlife world. I have since added video production to the list. Youtube is so huge anymore it makes you feel left out to not have a video up. Literally seems everyone is creating videos. The difference is making a video that really stands out and is professionally created. I have not had time to learn alot of the software so it is always helpful to have someone that is able to assist and really make your video stand out from the pack.

What really makes you stand out is some good voice actors to bring some spice to the mix. Videos are boring with one voice present but when you have a slew of different tones and voice sounds it keeps people interested and always waiting to see whats next. I wish I was able to do impersonations but it has never been a really good talent of mine. I can mimick accents but that isnt always enough to keep it interesting. Finding a place that is able to do a studio center total production makes things easier on yourself and allows your creative juices to flow with less stress and headache. I wish I Was talented to be a one girl band but unfortunately I need to sometimes pull in others to really make something as successful as you envision it. I am hoping my new youtube project will really take off but if not it is just fun and exciting to try something new.

Si kick back and keep your eye on youtube for something new from Raven! I am sure it will be fun and creative showing you a new light of my personality!

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