Friday, September 9, 2011

acid and the medicine that saves our stomaches!

My boyfriend is a fan of spicy foods and I am new to the game. Recently He purchased some dehydrated ghost chili's and wanted us to try them. Now if you are unfamiliar with them they are one of the hottest chili's out there. The spice level is something that can used to spicy food we all know it is not a good idea. I however can be persuaded so I tried some. Let me tell you the burn gets worse over time. It comes on then bites you and keeps going for minutes after you have swallowed. I was like I had some prevacid to get me through it! I buy prevacid for this reason! I can not handle spicy food and have issues with acid well add ghost chili's and ouch! I have wanted to try protonix but have yet to buy protonix. There is definitely some truth to acid and the foods you eat being connected because after the ghost chili experience I was willing to try anything to get rid of that acid!!!

Buying prescriptions can be so expensive I have a friend that is always looking for a good place to
buy premarin and have it delivered to her house. I have to say I feel lucky I have not gotten to the point of having to use premarin. The best thing about the Internet is the ease that it brings to every day life. Purcahsing your medication on the net and not having to deal with waiting in line is a definite perk. I also know people on rather embarrassing meds and not having to pick them up in person can also make it alot less painful.

I say do not be afraid to allow things to make life a little easier and check out some of the ways to save time and usually money as well!

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