Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Great World Cup

Guest post written by Johnni Triccoli
Thank goodness for my satellite tv that I just got from,we are able to see the world cupSoccer Championship. The USA vs Slovenia match did not have a good outcome like everyone in the US thought it should. The ref that made a bad call ended up costing Team USA the match since it ended in a 2-2 tie. The Slovenia team was committing some major fouling in the box but that foul was not called, just the offsides that Team USA did. In my opinion, the offsides should not of been called since the foul happened before the shot was even attempted. USA did gain one point from today's game so they are still in the hunt to move on. Team USA will face Algeria on Wednesday, they tied in their match with England today, 0-0. Both teams held their own but was unable to score in this long match. USA seems to be a favorite over Algeria but we will see what happens come Wednesday since we were favored to beat the Slovenia team in their match up game today.

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