Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hotness on the road

During the summer it is a great time to get a new car. Sucks when your air isn't working or worse yet your car over heats at stop lights. No fun looking like a loser at the beach! It does suck when you have had your car more than a few years and the age is definitely starting to show. We might all like to have a nice bran new mercedes benz cl-class but I just do not see that being very realistic for someone like me unless I win the lottery! I can look and dream though. There is something classy about a Mercedes plus I have an amazing friend that is a mechanic for the brand.

There are so many new cars coming out it is hard to keep up. I saw the new nissan cube now that is a pretty cool concept. Really reminds me more if a space age car. I have to admit it is hard to be a true green driver this car looks like your best way to go amd this vehicle gets good gas mileage! Having a box car is a little weird but it is a small price to pay for helping sustain the planet.

Something more realistic might be a honda accord A very good all around car. Not too big not too small but just right. This car looks great and still has room for your friends and gear. Great on gas miles which is really important today. I know it is hard to get away with spending less than $30 to fill up your car. This car will give you more gas bang for your buck!

Of course if you have a family something like a jaguar xj might make more sense. Stylish and roomy and it is a Jaguar which makes it awesome. This car would be something I would buy if I had the extra money to splurge on it. Perhaps it is something you can afford to do!

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