Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunday days

I have been watching a lot of nascar lately. They are long races but always fun. Me and my friends have been getting together for it and making a day of it. You know wings, snacks, food, beers the entire shebang. Cox sports is an awesome way to view the race. Just sit back and relax with a clear crisp picture and better then being at the race because you are enjoying it from the comfort of the air conditioning. I don't know about you guys but in Virginia it is extremely hot and I am not a fan of the heat! I am personally a fan of Kasey Kane number 09 the Budweiser car. He might not win a lot of the races but he still is my favorite. I do not care too much for some of the more arrogant drivers. Jimmy Johnson is also an alright driver. I know he is a favorite among many of the fans. Not a fan of Jeff Gordon he just seems like he has a serious ego issue. I am not a redneck for those of you that know me but there is something about drive fast turn left that gets me!

Time Warner sports has some awesome Mazda races on as well. Nothing like a great car race! I love watching the crashes as well always interesting. lol I know it is not very proper to like to watch crashes but at the same time it is the adrenaline and the exhilaration! I do like watching some of the other car make and model races as well. I actually was taught by a BMW race car driver how to drive when I was 17!

For the men out there we know the true sunday ticket is the NFL. I can watch it sometimes with my boyfriend. He likes the Saints and I prefer the Steelers so that is always fun when we get to disagree on who is better. Even not being a big football fan I do love getting friends together in Sundays and spending the day in front of the tv yelling and enjoying finger foods!

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