Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trying to get a little healthier!

Recently I have been feeling very tired and run down. I know I am not eating properly. Seems there is never enough time for everything in a day. I take a multivitamin but worry if I am getting any antioxidant in my diet. I do try to work out and find a way to stay healthy. It gets to be more like a chore and some days I just fall so short of it all. I try to read a lot of the natural medicine and healthy living magazines and I have read about Ergothioneine lately. It is a natural antioxidant found in various foods but we tend to not have a lot in our system. It is thought that increasing the amount will help Anti aging which lets face it is important to all of us.

I read about Oxis who make some awesome antioxidant products that will help fight aging as well as encourage joint health. Glutathione can be taken to help combat penny stocks & free radical. It is another thing that we can add to our daily intake to help promote a healthier body! I definitely believe in the ability to increase your longevity by supplementing your diet. Just by adding a few simple items a day you can feel and look better!


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