Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Whole sale oppurtunities! Ravenwear Wholesaling!
What a great way to earn some extra money!!!
Want to start your own business in second life? Have the drive and desire to run a store but are lacking the ability to create products? Well become a Ravenwear Wholesaler!
The goods:
You will be able to purchase any Ravenwear products at 50% off with a minimum purchase of 10 items per design being required. You then can resell the items in your own store for a profit! You must leave the items in the orginal packaging and sell them under the Ravenwear logo. You must keep the pricing in line with Ravenwear's orginal pricing plus or minus $20 lindens.

Ravenwear also has a wholesale vendor set up in a store where wholesalers can purchase some items in lots of ten but you must wear your group tag. After consulting with my business manager I am going to put a hold policy on new Ravenwear deisigns of 30 days before putting them in the wholesale vendor to allow in store exclusives. After the 30 day period I will put them into the wholesale vendor. Due to this all lists will be considered suggestions more than orders but I will do my best to get everything in the vendor :) Also I will start sending ntoices when I update the vendor so you know there are new items in.

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