Thursday, June 17, 2010


There are so many options anymore when it comes to TV. Every company is always running a lot of specials. It is just finding what is right for you. I personally go for the places that have certain channels on special. I love watching some showtime. I know everyone is different but I prefer it over HBO. I like to swap around companies here and there as well once my contracts with the last runs out. Lets you really figure out whats best and gets you the best dealer longer on cable. I know there are always alot of year or two year contacts for cable specials. I love the bundle deals makes it alot cheaper to get everything you want. Do make sure you are not getting channels you do not want. I ended up with a few months of the Spanish Channel that I had to pay for when I do not even speak Spanish! With a phone call they did correct it and credit me for the amount that had been billed. My friend personally liked the Dish specials. I myself am not as much of a fan due to living in an association that does not like satellites. I just recommend doing your research and knowing what you want most. Companies will work you deals and specials to suit your needs you just have to ask.

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