Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Styling in the city

I took an amazing trip to New York City recently. It was great weather and there is also so much hustle and bustle in the city. I walked central park and sat ad listened to a band playing. I got to enjoy the sites of spring time and the birds. I also was able to do a lot of amazing shopping in the city. There was always a lot to see and do. The only complaint I had about the city was the fact that it was so full of traffic that driving and finding parking was a virtual nightmare not to mention it could cost as much as $45 a day to park in a garage. Can you imagine!?!?! You also then have to entrust in the location and that your vehicle will not be damaged. That is a lot of trust to place into a complete stranger.

One of the evenings I stayed there we wanted to see time square at night in all the beauty of the bright lights. We did not feel like being hassled with driving in from Brooklyn to Manhattan so we decided to find a brooklyn limousine service. There were a lot to pick from but I wanted something that was affordable as well as nice. So I decided to look at the discount limousine new york area services and found one that seemed very reliable. We booked it for the evening and got to enjoy the city without the traffic headache we had the first few nights we stayed in the city. It was gorgeous and Time Square was a lot of fun! The best part was we didn't have to deal with parking! Who would think of a cheap limousine new york service? It really was a good idea and well worth the extra money. If there is a group going in on it it really works out to a little more then subway fair and a lot less hassle. I am really looking forward to a return trip!

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