Monday, June 28, 2010

All that shines is gold!

I am not always a huge fan of the glittering gold but it is definitely a better investment! The price is always rising. I started looking through my investments and realized that when I invested in the stock market it was always was a huge risk. I had a lot of losses and would get really annoyed. When researching gold bullion I found it to be a solid investment. You never think about things like a gold IRA but the fact is the price has went up so much it really is retirement! Something really good to give a thought to. We know it will always go up! I might be silly but I never even knew what bullion was. I always thought of it being related to pirate treasure. The designs are actually really cute. They have the most adorable panda coins available too so you can have a collectible while also investing.

It is really easy to buy bullion too with lots of options to choose from. I would definitely go for a cutie collection all animal based coins. Then I could keep them on display even if I wanted to! I am not sure if they make white gold bullion but that would be awesome if they did! I prefer it to golden colored gold and even more so over rose colored gold as well. So if you are looking for an investment that is not as scary as the stock market I would recommend that you buy gold bullion. Put your money somewhere cool instead of trusting in some guys in suits to make your stock buying decisions! Start planning for your future!

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