Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last minute gift

I was looking for a fast gift for my boyfriend just something a little extra to add into the mix. I racked my brain on what I could get and at the last minute that means battling stores. The traffic and crowds have been so bad lately I can not even imagine what they look like inside. So I thought of the things he likes to do: music, sports, and Internet Slots. So I got to thinking how easy would it be to get him a credit for his favorite online gaming? It would be a great gift that would allow him to have some fun gambling and would get me another gift for his stocking. He is definitely going to be pleased with it and surprised. Boyfriends do not expect their girlfriends to get them something related to online gaming.

He can also get a Blackjack Download on the website to try something new. I love blackjack the rules are easy and it is a lot of fun. Very fast paced game and easy to get into. My boyfriend is trying to teach me poker but I have a hard time remembering what comes before what. So blackjack is definitely more my game. I figure by giving the gift of online gambling he can use it when he gets bored to keep him entertained. I am really excited for Christmas this year it should be a great year.

Poker Flash is my boyfriends favorite online gambling. I am trying to learn all of the high hands. He used to do gambling in a friends house for chips only but now he can do it from the comfort of his home. He loves it! This year i think he will have fun from the comfort of his big, squishy office chair honing in on his poker skills all thanks to my gift!

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