Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Career change

I have been looking into changing careers. There is always such a demand for the medical field. I am looking at starting schooling so i can join the field. I think I would enjoy working with people and a steady fast paced career. I have a cousin in the home health care field. She has convinced me to give it a shot I also like the fact you can wear scrubs. They are comfortable and even come in a lot of styles now. The old school nursing uniforms were not as comfortable but they were cute I have to say. At least they make comfortable shoes today that can be worn. The thought of walking around in heels all day up and down the hospital halls brings a cringe to my face!

I signed up for a nursing class at the local college and am really excited. I feel like I am finally making my way somewhere in the world. I was doing little jobs here and there but not really a career. This will be a complete change of pace. I am a little nervous but I do know that in the end it will all be worth it. Steady work in a field that is always needed. I guess nursing will now be a family tradition! I have to say we do not have any male nurses in the family though just girls. You will all see my walking the halls in my green scrubs soon enough with a smile on my face knowing I am headed into a good direction!

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