Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family bonding over gingerbread houses

Guest post written by Loretta Pines

When my daughter is home from college, she likes to sleep in late. But I also like to try and do fun activities with her like going shopping and things like that so that we can bond and get more quality time together when we can. She feels the same way I think and always tries to make sure that she doesn't have to study when she comes home on the weekends.

For when she came home for Thanksgiving, I wanted to do something fun and Christmas-y, so I went looking online with our CLEAR INTERNET for some inspiration. There were all kinds of things that I found, but I wasn't really into making any ornaments together because we already have so many that we can't even fit all of them on our tree!

The idea that I decided on was to make a gingerbread house together. I suggested us making two, and her take one of them back to her dorm room, but I don't think that she really had the room for that. So we just stuck to the one big gingerbread house to keep at home.

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