Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Misfits concert

This past week I was blessed to go see The Misfits a punk band at a medium sized venue in the city. It was a cold night and no one wanted to wait in line for the box office it was so annoying. Without the use of some crowd control devices it would have been sheer chaos. On top of that lets imagine a bunch of punk rock, spike wearing kids pushing their way through the crowd. If you know anything about punk music you will know that past of the attraction is not caring. In other words this was not the kinda crowd that required a velvet rope. The people were really interesting to see all of the mohawks and the colored hair. As we filed into the venue there were also alot of barricades to keep people away from the stage.

I was lucky enough to have all access passes so I could interview the misfits for a local magazine. I was let behind the stanchions and lead back to an elevator to go upstairs to see the Misfits in person. They were very well spoken and still kicked ass despite being around for 33 years. I had a great time and really enjoyed the show. I got some great shots of Jerry Only on stage and loved the fact the music sounded the same live as on the album! All three of the band really played their instruments hard and brought it to the crowd. At the end of the show I meandered back out into the freezing streets but warm and fuzzy inside thanks to being able to meet one of my favorite bands!

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