Monday, August 16, 2010

Pilgirmage to Texas

This summer has been so hot! I have been looking forward to fall but am definitely enjoying the heat. Well more the activities I can do during it. Summer always seems like a great time to go on road trips. Just throw caution to the wind and head out to explore America! I had not done much exploring out west. I am from Virginia and the furthest south or west I ever went was Illinois and south was Florida. So this year seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a trip to somewhere completely new! So my friend Kelly and I set out to head to Texas! I heard Texas was it's own creature and no other state was even remotely like Texas. We loaded up her Acura Integra and headed west! Of course being girls we made an awesome i pod play list for the trip! We were looking at a 1393.03 mile trip so we made sure to be prepared for the long times in the car. We made alot of stops along the way but had our hearts set on making it to Houston! We did stop in New Orleans which was amazing. I had never seen that area of the country. It was definitely weird to be below sea level. Staying over for a night really helped re energize us for the last leg of the trip.

We arrived in Texas on a Sunday and immediately noticed the heat coming off the road. It was like a blurry picture being painted in the distance. The difference in the scenery from Virginia was just breath taking. We arrived at our hotel in houston and were ready to sleep!! The next day we were up and at em to see the sights. Texas was very hospitable. The tex mex was tantalizing on my taste buds. I never thought I could eat so much of it! We had to drop the car off for a tune up and also we got an oil change. Better to be safe since we did have to make the over 1300 mile trip back. No one wants to get stuck in the bayou with car troubles. Kelly is soooo responsible anyway. It was great we were lucky to find Houston auto repair to show us our options since we had no idea where a good repair shops was at. The car was done while we saw more sights and enjoyed the dry Houston heat. After a week in Texas we made our way back to the east coast stopping at cool places along the way. It was definitely a summer trip to remember!

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