Monday, August 2, 2010

Gambling the night away

A few months ago I took a trip to Dover Delaware to go and visit Dover Downs for my first gambling experience. When I first walked in it was insane. The lights were amazing and the sounds from the machines ringing filled the air. I sat and watched as there were lines of people playing slots. The variation of people playing was surprising apparently the thrill of gambling and the ambiance of machine lure cross all boundaries. I walked in and got my card for the slots. I looked at the insane amount of choices for types of machines and tried to pick one I felt drawn to. As I sat down and inserted my cash card I pulled the trigger and let er rip. I won a whole 50 cents lol still somehow it was exciting. So again and pulled the lever and again. I only spent a few hours at the casino but it was definitely an experience. I have to admit I do tend to prefer online gambling though. It is nice to be able to sit in the comfort of your own home and play cards with a chance to win some money. I love the fact that you can have fun and also make money if you are good at it! The ambiance of the casinos are fun but when you can not make it to somewhere you can gamble you can always pull up your pc chair and sit down for your own little casino experience. I do not gamble often online but I have found some great places to do it. I am very cautious with online gambling but so far have had no bad experiences. I guess everything in life is a gamble technically. I have not made a killing but I have won a few times. It is always nice to have the extra cash it is like a little present you did not count on. I like black jack. It is a nice easy card game. I do hope to learn poker one day! Everyone seems to have a ball playing poker. I just can not always remember what trumps what. I need a chat sheet and I do not think gamblers like those lol I do hope to go to las vegas one day to see the real casinos but until I can do that let me have my fun at home!