Friday, August 27, 2010

Can Talk Be Original?

Contribution by Paula Gonzales

Talk shows have been around for decades. I admit, I am a big fan of evening and late night talk shows, more so than morning ones. Perhaps part of that has to do with the fact that I do not like waking up early or that I'm addicted to the great California DIRECTV deals I got, but I digress. There are several talk show hosts who really have my attention more than most. These include, but are not limited to Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'brien and Craig Ferguson. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Jay Lenno and David Letterman on occasion, but possibly my favorite talk show hosts are those first three I listed. Allow me to explain. Jimmy Fallon is awkward and goofy. Yes, during his first few days hosting a talk show he was a little too awkward, but right now I really enjoy all of the little acts in his show like "Lick it for 10," or "Spin that Wheel of Carpet Samples." Conan O'brien, while he may not currently have a show, was possibly my favorite talk show host in general. During the writers strike, all of his material on Late Night was his own. It was genius, it was funny, it was reminiscent of the old days of SNL. Last but not least, Craig Ferguson is very silly. His silly nature really brings out the childish humor in me. Need I say more?

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