Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Californication the way of the new world of sitcoms!

I am so excited for the newest season of Californication to start. I just introduced my friend Brett to the series so we re watched the on demand last season on showtime on local tv satellite. David Duchovny really is an under rated actor if you ask me. He is very talented and believable in the roles he places. I love the series for it's in your face humor and the fact that these scenarios do exist. I never knew that life could parallel tv shows so much especially a tv show of this type! Frank Moody is an amazing character filled with alot of complexity. You see him raising his daughter even though he has an issue with fidelity and womanizing. An interesting twist on the typical sitcom family. I also like the fact that they feature him as an artist which also keeps the flow of the bohemianism. localtv-satellite.com is a great way to be able to have access to these tv shows and enjoy watching the drama that unfolds with every day in the life of Hank Moody. It never will seize to amaze you! Especially once Rick Springfield gets involved in the show and the plot line. I can not stop laughing as Runkle and Rick Springfield interact on what can only lead to a disastrous end!

I really love most of the series on showtime. They are hot and fresh. The differences in the variety they offer is amazing from Califonication to Dexter to Weeds which is also another show i have started to watch. All are a twist on life and really make you see the world from a new perspective. I could not choose a favorite but I do still adore Dexter I am hoping this new season brings it! So tune in to Californication and see what I am raving about I think the new season begins around September 22nd. Be sure you are hooked up with
before season starts!

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