Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girl living in football world

Recently my life has changed drastically. I know have two roommates living in my house. For those of you that know me I am a girl that is not so into sports. With the addition of my newest roommate Brett I am finding myself watching more football. Every day I come home it is tuned to ESPN. I now understand a thing or two about football, the teams, and the stadiums.
GILLETTE STADIUM TICKETS would make a great gift for Brett. He is more of a redskins fan but the sheer location and excitement linked to the Patriots and their home stadium would make him drool. Brett is easily enamored with the sight of football tickets so he would definitely be a fan!

On the other hand we have my other roommate Joe. He is a long standing Chicago Bears fan from way back in the days of the super bowl shuffle. That is before it was illegal for the players to perform long dances when making a touchdown. His speed would be more to go and get SOLDIER FIELD TICKETS. I think I would enjoy the history behind Soldier Field more then anything. It would be cool just to be able to say you saw a game there.

To go back to Brett he lived in San Diego for many years before returning to Virginia. It is funny that Virginia does not really have a football seem per say. Sad if you ask me!?!?! How can a state that has a lot of history not have a football team? Anyway, Brett would love a chance to go back to San Diego. He had seen many games at Qualcomm Stadium and would love the chances to get QUALCOMM STADIUM TICKETS. I think he would be happy to see any game there.
I am a girl not really into sports surrounded by male roommates than can not get enough of it! Heaven help me I will either change my name and move away or become a die hard football fan... Wish me luck!

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