Thursday, March 8, 2012

The things that keep us busy!

I find my cell phone keeps me busy. There are times when I find myself sitting and waiting bored out of my mind. I turn to my trusty cell phone friend and search through apps to find something to keep me busy. I have phone my fingers stopping at words with friends. Challenging other people and seeing what we know is a great way to pass time. You also pick up on new words. Finding someone to play with is easy as can be too. Why play a solo game when you can really push the limits the fun you have when it is with a friend. Sometimes I get stuck on certain words. Lets all face it how many words with q do we really know?

Sometimes I feel the need to reach out for a little help especially when I am playing with some smart know it all! Words with friends cheats can be helpful just to make it so you can prove a point to that know it all! I have found some of my friends really have big heads and get really competitive when it comes to Words with Friends. So sometimes it is nice to give it to them even if you needed a little help to get there.

There are other reasons to use the web you might need a words with friends dictionary to make sure people are not playing you. Using the net to double check is a quick way to keep sane while having fun! Tom Words with Friends cheat website has come in alot of handy while playing my game. I would invite you to check it out and see for yourself!

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