Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taxes taxes and well more taxes!

With tax season upon us an the climax approaching quickly I was giving it some thought to what a great way it would be to make some extra cash being a Registered tax preparer. There is so much work to be had during tax season with just a little bit of training. An
income tax courseincome tax course does not take long and after a bit of training you can become a tax preparer. I always see places with help wanted signs during the busy season.

It is always hard to find something to do to make some extra money that does not involve horrible working terms. I think that with a bit of number crunching and expertise with paper work preparing taxes would be a stable way to make some extra cash. Let's face it there are two things that are certain taxes and death! I would definitely be involved in an industry dealing with taxes over one dealing with death.

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