Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home office upgrades

Being a complete nerd causes some storage issues. I find myself having to house two laptops, two desktops, an ipod touch and a tablet! I know no one needs this much stuff but it just does not pay to get rid of your older systerms and sadly with the way things are upgraded now you can really get a new system of some sorts every two to three years or else you fall behind in the times. Doing work that requires fast paced, memory hog programs for graphics and photography really requires you stay on top of the game. My computer room is a mass of stuff from desks to chairs to laptop bags. I would really like to find a good laptop storage option to make my laptop both accessible and convenient.

My desk tops each have large desks that take up too much space. The thought of shoving a large laptop cart in the mix makes me cringe. Something small and movable with wheels would serve me best. I tend to move around alot in my work station space so having a portable cart would prove useful. Lets also face it having a chair with wheels keeps you moving from side of the room to side of the room so why not take your laptop with you! I also am a bit of a snob and like the options of different looks so it all congeals together in the room. I conduct a little bit of business in there and do not want it to look a mess when people see it.

I am looking at two laptop carts to solve my storage and usability issues that I currently am facing in my home office. Som ething in a light wood and glass would really fit into the space.

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