Friday, February 3, 2012

The world of apps

I have to admit having a droid smart phone has really changed my life. I can not imagine living without one now from all of the apps and connectivity that you get at your finger tips with the phone not to mention it comes in handy in emergencies! Remember the day when calling meant a pay phone Having to drive in circles because you did not have GPS or not knowing what a recipe calls fopr while you are in the grocery store. Well the answer to all of this is they have an app for it! We now have apps for everything from a flashlight, a budget app, heck even an app to remind you of your fertility times of the month. So I am always on the look out for some good app web sites to see what is new out there to keep my life either better organized or filled with more entertainment. Some of the apps can get quite pricey so having a reliable site to find good priced apps helps take the guess out of searching.

The ability to take entertainment in the palm of your hands has really changed so much in the world. I love watching a good movie or tv show while I am waiting for my doctor's appointment to keep my mind occupied. I have found this to really bring a sense of calm to me in even the most stressful situations. Or to veg out to music while I ride in a taxi cab makes it all go by so much faster. I was one of those people that said I never want to be a slave to my cell phone but now I find my phone to be my friend allowing my world to be expanded even when I do not have the time to do it from the comfort of my home.

I keep up with the app sites and have found a great place to save on apps, movies and more. I reccomend always staying up to date on the newest developements as you never know what might come into the world of apps and help make the every day grind a little more enjoyable. To me that is worth all the time in the world!

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