Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Progress with MS

I have a friend named Andrew that was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I never realized what a debilitating disease it is or the progression. I started doing research for my friend to help find natural alternatives that support and aid in the treatment of the symptoms. Montel Williams announcing his battle with MS has helped educate the general public on the disease. His battle for progress with the disease as well as funding for research will hopefully lead us closer to a cure or better understanding of the disease. The fast that MS affects only 1% of the population really keeps it in the dark more but those that it treats it hits harder than most other diseases. MS treatment goes from dietary to exercise to medicine. Changing your life style definitely is a good start to living a better life with MS. Stress is a large factor in MS which is hard to reduce from your life. I am currently in a very stressful situation and have yet to figure out how to reduce the stress. Taking time for yourself is always a good start. I find it hard during a day of hectic routine and feeling like i am being pulled in 5 different ways at once. I really feel for those with MS as being diagnosed with MS cause an unbelievable amount of stress in itself. When the weight of the world is too much to carry the burden of it is time to step back and allow for some free, new ways of living.

A Ms Diet is not that difficult to take up. It is really about sensible eating and adopting a healthier life style. I have to admit this can benefit all of us. I have been trying to eat more sensible but temptation is always around. Cutting out soft drinks is an easy way to eat better. I find I either want water or soda so I have made the effort to always buy water or get it when I eat out. People with MS find turning to a healthier life style that encompasses all aspects of life from stress to sleeping habits to diet and exercise notice an improved quality of life. I plan on speaking with my friend Andrew and supporting his life style changes in an effort to help reduce the severity of MS in his life.

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Kerry said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I also have MS. I have been following the "Swank Diet for MS" ever since diagnosis in 2005 and have been doing great. I hope your friend is doing well and feel free to let him know about the Swank diet. You can look it up right online. There is a message board on the website for support and it also gives you the outline of the diet. You are a really good friend for researching this for him! :)