Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Haystacks and pumpkins

Guest post written by Melonie Sommers

There's always a lot of fun to be had around this time of the year, or at least I think that there is for me. I just love the fall season and I love making decorations, so I have a whole lot of fun right now.

I'm in charge of putting up the Halloween/fall decorations up this year at my house. I have some great ideas for them too, but I'll admit that I am getting a lot of help from some decorations blogs because I've found some ideas with some. While I was looking through some I came across www.clear-internet.com and after reading through some of it decided to switch over my internet service to it.

I tracked down a haystack from one of our neighbors and plan on setting it in our front yard and arranging some pumpkins on it. With that, well at least with that part of our decorations, I can leave it up through November because it will just look like fall and not specifically Halloween like most of our decorations.

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