Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vacations and trips galore

I have found myself finally traveling! After years and years of never going anywhere there is a travel explosion in my life right now. I just got back from my second trip to NJ/NYC. I went to see Buckethead at Governor's Island in new york. It was an amazing experience! Listen to my mode of travel... drove to the train station took a train then hopped a subway then took a ferry to the island! Can you imagine!?!?! Iit sounds like alot of travel but it was relatively fast for it all. The ferry ride was most interesting! The Hudson river was choppy and the night was brisk and windy. After the concert I had an amazing time in New Jersey hiking the mountains.

For my next trip I might be going to New Orleans to help rebuild the lower 9th ward which is still closed off to the general public. can you imagine after all of this time since Katrina there are still people homeless and areas left untouched? I really was in awe when I heard that. The sad thing is it is mostly the poor areas left. So volunteering some time to help out seems like a good idea. I was debating leaving a little early and stopping at Myrtle Beach Golf. That way I can have a break in the 16 hour drive that I will be facing to get to New Orleans. I am lucky and will not be going alone so that will help with the drive as well. I wish I could fly at times but it is just not in my make up right now. A Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation might do me good. I am not much of a golfer to be honest well except the driving range part. Golf Myrtle Beach is a lovely resort though and as you have read before I lived in that area for the beginning of my life so always nice to head back and see the sights. Definitely looking into some nice Myrtle Beach Golf Packages.

I will have 1/4 of the island back for rent now in Second Life as well. So anyone interested in having a private isle with complete control over your 1/4 for a reasonable price contact me via for more details! Tell your friends pass it along!

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