Sunday, October 18, 2009

gold coins and all that shiny stuff

I have been doing a little more news reading lately. I am curious about the economy which I think we all are. It is a scary world we live in. Everyone seems to be broke people are not driving new cars as much as they were and I dont blame them. It seems the best thing to invest in anymore is gold. There are alot of options for gold investing. Personal I do not like alot of gold. As far as jewelry goes I do not wear any really. I like white gold if anything cause I am cool skin toned. With the bad economy I am always tempted to start investing in gold coins. Fortunately the antidote for that kind of fear has always been gold. There are alot of ways to invest and some are actually even really cute like the panda coin but omg it is pricey. I guess it is worth it for what you are getting.

I would love to have some one to point me in the right direction cause to be honest I am a bit of a dope when it comes to such things. I would never know what to get I would buy a gold coin based on it's cute appeal rather than its actual worth. I guess there are alot of places out there that tell you a bit about the worth and correct way to invest in gold bullion. I know my grandparents bought be a really cool gold coin when I was a baby and left it for me when I grew up. So I have been keeping it until the price of bullion went up to a nice price. Also it is sentimental as well. My grandma called it a rainy day coin hehe you know how grandparents are. Well anyway time to invest I guess and learn a bit more about the world I live in.


coinman said...

I know that people invest in gold coins , but for me it is just a hobby.

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