Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bands and concerts added with a tv

I have also started the new season of Dexter! It is so strange seeing him as a dad. I am not sure how much I like or dislike it yet. The first episode was a little slow but the second one has picked back up. There is nothing like a serial killer lol Watching Showtime on is awesome I never miss what I want to see. I think Californication is starting soon on Showtime as well. That is a strange and unusual show but another plus of digital satellite tv the ability to watch those shows. So when I am not out partying it up I lay home trying to squeeze in my tv addictions lol I have not missed anything yet with my dirctv so no complaints. I just wish I had more time. I always seem to have a list of things to do or things to watch. Like I can not get the time to finish any of it.

There are alot of really top shows on this season to watch. I also watch survivor on nbc :O Another tried and true favorite is CSI. That shows is awesome not as good with no gil grissom but still a good show. I get bummed though because greys anatomy is on at the same time as survivor :( Then the rest of the week the shows are not quite as interesting thursday nights seem to catch all the good shows.Oh well off I go to play some catch up watch some simpsons on tv en direct.

Lately i have had the pleasure of photographing alot of local bands. It is awesome to see the raw talent and energy bursting off of the stage. The latest bands have been awesome alot of rock and heavy death metal. The biggest venue has been at the Norva which holds a few thousand people. The most interesting shows sometimes are at the little hole in the wall metal bars. I was lucky enough to see the Murder Junkies a few weeks ago and photograph them. The way they just flowed from one song to the next with no breaks was crazy. The amount of energy they were displaying in their stage presence! The music was pure punk angst!

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