Thursday, October 15, 2009

Digital Cameras and me

As you might know I am a photographer. My website is

I currently shoot with a pentax k100d camera. I have been looking for a new camera and found an awesome resource. I am not sure if I want to have another pentax or move up to a cannon. There are so many pros and cons on each of the available camera options. The new pentax has alot of nice features but I have found purchasing lenses for this brand can be a pain in the arse. Shopping for digital cameras can be very complicated. With my first camera I mainly looked for an SD card and I wanted a camera that could use AA as well as a proprietary battery. It seems the new Pentax no longer offers that option So I was looking at the cannons. Alot of people swear by Nikon and are so wrapped up in the draw of a big name. I do not think the camera makes the picture as much as the artistic eye. Yes some of the Nikkons are amazing cameras I will not lie but the price tag is signifigantly higher. Plus the lenses are a bit more pricey as well. The main things to look for are the megapixel rating, the compatibility of lenses, antishake feature plus the menu options. So all in all I guess I will just have to do some more research and decide what option is best for me.

Price is always a concern unfortunately when making such a large purchase. I admit I can be brand loyal but I am willing to definitely explore the other options as I might find something I like much better. Pentax however does offer the best value. So we shall see how it goes.

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