Friday, December 21, 2007

Ravenwear and Malinconia Xmas Hunt

In just a a lil over 30 minutes the gift system will be fired up bring your friends and hunt hunt hunt 26 freebies given today with some rotating freebies that will be given on one day only. The hunt is for 4 days!!! So plenty of time to get your fill. Look for lil cute reindeers once you find them touch to get goodies!!! There is also a sign at the ravenwear shop with info!!! It is on both arias and ravens requiem sim with diff gifts on each!

It is beginning to feel alot like Christmas! So we decided to do a fun filled hunt unlike no other! This hunt is first of with lil adorable reindeers that you have to find! Second it is filled with scripted items. clothing, tats, cuddle animals, skin, hair, shoes, etc etc. With special items from ink'd and DesignStorm as well as us at Malinconia and Ravenwear! As you find the reindeer and touch it gives you the items and then poof it is gone and another one launches in a random location! It is a great way to keep the hunt fun and fresh!!!

We will have different exclusive feature items in on diff days of the hunt! The hunt starts on December 21st at 8 am slt and goes on til the night on christmas Eve! So make sure to check back each day for new prizes inside some of the reindeers. Each sim Ravens Requiem and Arias Requiem each have different freebies so make sure to visit both!!!

This new system was made by Aria Alexandria it is great for those that want to have hunts without cheat sheets!!

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