Saturday, December 8, 2007

Grand Opening is HERE!!!!!

Freebies from ravenwear including skin, eyes, clothing, hair just to name a few check all the stores they are hanging on the wall for you to grab as a special thanks for helping make second life fun! ! The mall vendors also have freebies out! So be sure to take a stroll around both Ravens Requiem and Arias Requiem! There are awesome shops around including Ink'd, RaveNation, Isle's Ink, Litter Box, Sweetest Sin, Szentasha Designs... just to name a few. Ravenwear has alot of new creations from clothing for men and women to hair to avatars etc so be sure to take a good look around at the new build it is a huge change for the better!

Malinconia has new clothing as well! Awesome sculpted items! Also some cute freebies out! Read more below here:

We also have the release of the freebie harvesting Christmas trees in many diff styles! They are around the island with prezzies inside as well so be sure to check them out they are a perfect Christmas tree for any store, club, or private home that would like to have interactive fun for their friends and clients! They are on sale at Malinconia as joint build from me and Aria :)

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