Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting a Website

This guest post from Werner Rogers

It is clearly time for me to get a website for my company that potential customers can browse to see examples of my work, check out prices and specials, and learn about me. I can’t even tell you how many potential customers have asked me over the last few years “do you have a website?” or “what is your web address?” I always wanted to come across as a mom and pop type shop, but in this day and age, to not have a website is putting me drastically behind my competition. I recently searched my competition on the internet, and each one of them have not only a website, but a good website. I am searching to look for some guidance in this area. I am really not all that tech savvy, and I have previously been a little intimidated by the whole idea of getting a website and managing costumers that way. I am going to have to take the leap, though, if I want my business to thrive and last.

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