Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Big C hitting home

I am awaiting the return of Nurse Jackie and the Big C to Showtimes unstoppable tv series line up. After the confusing end to The Big C last season I am waiting to see if Cathy's husband is actually dead or alive. The cliff hangers in series always get me! I did not think I would be able to get into a show about the horrible disease called cancer but the characters are so real and just make you have the ability to see how lucky you really are. Direct tv brings me the series in reliable, high definition broadcasting keeping my cravings satisfied. I have found that The Big C was my most surprising tv series find. You would think a series on the subject would be depressing and slow dragging but the writers have found a way to bring the topic to light while making you feel a connection to Cathy's life and friends.

Nurse Jackie is on the other end of the spectrum of tv shows. The lead character Nurse Jackie being someone you might find it hard to emphasize with but you just want to see how it ends so you keep your self glued to your dx3 direct tv. I find it hard to emphasize with the character as the entire topic of leading a double life is something i can not grasp. I have a hard enough time keeping up with one life. Nurse Jackie does allow me to see life through someone on the opposite end of realities eyes. The series start in May so we do not have a lot more time to wait to find out what this next installment will bring. Until then I will check for schedules, update and all the nest ino on Direct TV.

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