Wednesday, September 15, 2010

september 22nd

So what is going on September 22nd? Well since you asked it is the premier of the new season of Dexter! I am just now finishing up the tv series weeds and they have started to advertise for Dexter. I love their choice of music by Mansell. His score is truly mesmerizing. It really fits the series and the new challenges Dexter, America's favorite serial killer, will face. The death of Rita and the new baby will be a new twist on the life of blood analyst Dexter Morgan. I am having a little get together party for the premier so we can all watch it in style on Dish Network. I can always count on tv to be available when I want it. There are so many packages. Alot of people worry about local programming when they go to dish tv but there is nothing to worry about. It is available and easy to access. All I know is dish network keeps me watching Dexter and my other favorite tv shows without hassle or worry.

I used to have cable but for me it was not a true bargain. The customer service was horrible and wait times on the phone were ridiculous. I definitely do not regret getting rid of cable. Nothing is perfect but so far this is the closest I have found. When you read the TV service guide you can see in black and white there is nothing to fear. I just like life to be simplified. There is so much with hectic American life that gives us hassle who wants our tv to. That is meant to be a time to relax and sit back and kinda zone out on the world around us. I find nothing wrong with tv time after you have accomplished all you need to in the day. Sometimes i think the mind needs a place to be able to rest and kinda run free and tv provides that. So again September 22nd is the return of Dexter and I know I will be watching it with friends and having a great time!

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