Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ravenwear academic pants review for men!!

• I’ve a thing for plaid pants for men in SL, maybe because we are not used to wearing them here in France. I like the subdued tones of these ones from Raven Lament. They are offered with sculpty cuffs. Ok, sculpties are good! but OMG such a pain to fit them right following the pattern of the plaid! Fortunately, the pants are very well done and can be worn without the sculpties, they don’t show jagged cuffs (this is a SL bug, but careful designers know how to avoid it). They come in 6 colors (4 shown, plus blue and light grey), they are moddable of course, and copy-no transfer. You can pick your favorite color for 100 Lindens or get the whole pack for 450 Lindens.

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