Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well today was another busy day. I decided to perform the dreaded task of doggy maintenance. When you have such furry breeds as I do mainly the chow mixes I am constantly trying to find new ways to tame the fur balls. Yesterday I started the task and shaved my chow shepherd into a lion cut. He was definitely not feeling the oster clippers that I use but I loved them to death! After his shave I decided to use the furminator to remove the poofy cotton balls other wise known as his under coat. The ferminator works very well to remove as much dog fur as possible. I find if I start out furminating them every day I can then go to once a week and still keep the shedding down in my home. Today was bath day for the chow. He definitely hates his bath time as do I considering i have to lug around a 70 pound dog as he is afraid of the bath tub. I can not imagine how it doesn't feel good to have the water spray on your skin. Using some nice hypoallergenic doggy shampoo I washed him and made him smell all nice and fresh. He is starting to look like a handsome guy again! As for me it is now time to go and clean the bath room :(

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