Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ravenwear Designer Contest!

Thats right we want to do our part to support the new talent in SL! If you are a designer of clothing, skin, hair, shoes poses, weapons etc etc or accessories please send me a folder with some pics of your designs, information on how long you have been creating, a notecard with a lm to your current store, what you make, and any other info you would like to put in it. You may send samples if you like that is up to you. Please name the folder Designer Contest *your name* and drop it on me before August 5th .

The first prize winner will have a custom shop and 100 prims to use to place their items or decorate the shop with! They will also have their own landing parcel. You will also be advertised on my blog and to the group when they move in. This shop space will be free for six months after that we will discuss further occupation of the shop or if you need mroe prims etc

This contest is for designers that have started their stores no more than 2 months ago and do not have a main shop in secondlife yet or are willing to move their main shop to the island. Main shopping being defined as a store that has a landing point that goes directly to their shop renting in malls is fine etc etc. You can create mens, womens, avatars, hair, skins, clothing, jewelry etc etc. You must sell your own designs no business in a box stores allowed.

The last shop that won this is Helena Compton's +Plus store she has done really well with her business and is now featured in blogs! So what are you waiting for it might launch your career!

Raven Lament

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