Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lost your mind find it on the island of ravenwear! Hunt time!

Hunt for the lost brains starts tonight at midnight and runs til 8-1 12 hidden brains from ravenwear and over 16 from other designers on the island!!! Including Bliensen, Dark River, WeirdSh*t, Stuff by Riley *who came up with the brain idea hehe* Brat Designs, Fashionity Fantasy, and like omg!Kindred Retail just to name a few Plus Jabberwocky hid 15-20 brains alone! Brigning the total to well over 38 brains! All the brains are located throughout the island so check all over! None are in the sky all are on the island. Featuring a skin preview for my new set as well as hair, clothing So pop in and do your best to search! Please no cheating yelling out coords etc thanks

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