Monday, May 17, 2010

Wow time!

So I have went back to playing a little bit of wow world of war craft for you guys that have never tried it. I was always a Tauren or a moo cow lol Yes horde but get over it. I always had a blast it was a great way to just veg and chill and let the mind run with things. I can get sooo busy in thought that it feels like my brain would explode and wow time lets it just vegetate. I was really surprised to learn that in wow people sell World of Warcraft Accountsbut they are in high demand. I personally like to create my own but some people like to start out with everything. They are mpt tpp badly priced when you consider all the work that goes into getting to that level. I mean all of the time is ridiculous. That is my only complaint about wow it really sucks your time up.... then again second life does the same thing to us all.
You can always Buy Aion Accounts so that you do not have to put as much time in but can play with the higher ups and do all the quests. I have some silly stories from wow. I made some good friends some of which carried over into second life. Always fun to play with a group of people it will get lonely playing alone. So I would recommend going in with a handful of friends or finding a guild to join that always keeps it fresh. I can not wait til Blizzard comes out with their next project. I have always been a fan of them from Diablo to Star Craft to War Craft. It is a good gaming company!

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