Sunday, September 20, 2009

island rental! and pc issues :(

On some second life news I am looking for a renter for half of my island. You will have full control over your side including terraforming. The rent is very reasonable and will cost what I pay for tier for my island. I am not looking to make money just cover what that part of the island costs me to keep up every month. For rent half or 1/4 of the Requiem Island! it is a class 5 island mature rating! You will receive the ability to change anything on the parcel. It will be set up as you like it. I am very flexible! This is a long term rental. Once you rent it you can do what you please with it residential or commercial. Just contact me via email

Half the island is 7500 prims for 42,000 lindens or I would rent out 1/4 of the island which is 3250 prims and the cost is $21,000 lindens The price is reasonable just to cover the tier looking for a renter before october 1 thanks again! Any questions just ask!

well I have been doing good but my pc has not been the same lol I had to reinstall some of my Computer Drivers. I am having an issue with my front usb ports as well as my card reader. I am not sure which one of them is causing the issue. How frustrating when your pc is just not working the way it should be. I definitely find pc issues to rank up in the top 10 annoying things that can happen lol So I am going to try to get the new USB drivers and reinstall the card reader with my fingers crossed and breath being held in hopeful glee that this will fix my issue. I am so tired of using the little plug in usb card reader :P It just isnt as easy as using the card reader that is built in. I might also reinstall my Asus Drivers Oh well enough super geek talk for now have a good one!!!

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