Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Great World Cup

Guest post written by Johnni Triccoli
Thank goodness for my satellite tv that I just got from,we are able to see the world cupSoccer Championship. The USA vs Slovenia match did not have a good outcome like everyone in the US thought it should. The ref that made a bad call ended up costing Team USA the match since it ended in a 2-2 tie. The Slovenia team was committing some major fouling in the box but that foul was not called, just the offsides that Team USA did. In my opinion, the offsides should not of been called since the foul happened before the shot was even attempted. USA did gain one point from today's game so they are still in the hunt to move on. Team USA will face Algeria on Wednesday, they tied in their match with England today, 0-0. Both teams held their own but was unable to score in this long match. USA seems to be a favorite over Algeria but we will see what happens come Wednesday since we were favored to beat the Slovenia team in their match up game today.


Whole sale oppurtunities! Ravenwear Wholesaling!
What a great way to earn some extra money!!!
Want to start your own business in second life? Have the drive and desire to run a store but are lacking the ability to create products? Well become a Ravenwear Wholesaler!
The goods:
You will be able to purchase any Ravenwear products at 50% off with a minimum purchase of 10 items per design being required. You then can resell the items in your own store for a profit! You must leave the items in the orginal packaging and sell them under the Ravenwear logo. You must keep the pricing in line with Ravenwear's orginal pricing plus or minus $20 lindens.

Ravenwear also has a wholesale vendor set up in a store where wholesalers can purchase some items in lots of ten but you must wear your group tag. After consulting with my business manager I am going to put a hold policy on new Ravenwear deisigns of 30 days before putting them in the wholesale vendor to allow in store exclusives. After the 30 day period I will put them into the wholesale vendor. Due to this all lists will be considered suggestions more than orders but I will do my best to get everything in the vendor :) Also I will start sending ntoices when I update the vendor so you know there are new items in.

New to xstreet!

New stuff on second life xstreet

I am slowly adding all of my items back to xstreet after allowing things to get a little slack. The prices have been reduced and some items are available on Xstreet only not in store!!! Just do a search for Ravenwear and you will get all the products listings!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trying to get a little healthier!

Recently I have been feeling very tired and run down. I know I am not eating properly. Seems there is never enough time for everything in a day. I take a multivitamin but worry if I am getting any antioxidant in my diet. I do try to work out and find a way to stay healthy. It gets to be more like a chore and some days I just fall so short of it all. I try to read a lot of the natural medicine and healthy living magazines and I have read about Ergothioneine lately. It is a natural antioxidant found in various foods but we tend to not have a lot in our system. It is thought that increasing the amount will help Anti aging which lets face it is important to all of us.

I read about Oxis who make some awesome antioxidant products that will help fight aging as well as encourage joint health. Glutathione can be taken to help combat penny stocks & free radical. It is another thing that we can add to our daily intake to help promote a healthier body! I definitely believe in the ability to increase your longevity by supplementing your diet. Just by adding a few simple items a day you can feel and look better!

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randomness or is it?

The interior defense dines under the sabotage.

Getting Your Pet Into Hollywood!

Guest post written by blogger Wanda McCutchen

I absolutely adore my pet dog, and I am convinced she is a movie star. Yes, that is correct. I want my dog to be the next leading star in pet movies. When I made this decision, I decided that I would do everything I could to ensure that my pet was walking down red carpets.

At first, the challenge seemed daunting. However, I decided to be resourceful and look for pet agencies on online websites. Using my internet connection that I got by looking for the best hughesnet deals, you would never believe what I was able to find! I was able to find all sorts of pet agencies. Through these agencies, I scheduled various interviews with experts to see if my pet dog had any talent that could benefit Hollywood.

I sent out dozens of emails and made dozens of phone calls. About a month later, I received an email back from one agency. The expert wanted to meet me and my pooch! We flew to Hollywood, and ever since that day, my dog received her first major debut role in a film!

I am so impressed with how a bit of resourcefulness in using the internet paid off in the end. Now my pet will be a Hollywood star, which was my dream all along! I have never been so thrilled for my gorgeous pet dog. She will be owning Hollywood before you know it!

Monday, June 28, 2010

All that shines is gold!

I am not always a huge fan of the glittering gold but it is definitely a better investment! The price is always rising. I started looking through my investments and realized that when I invested in the stock market it was always was a huge risk. I had a lot of losses and would get really annoyed. When researching gold bullion I found it to be a solid investment. You never think about things like a gold IRA but the fact is the price has went up so much it really is retirement! Something really good to give a thought to. We know it will always go up! I might be silly but I never even knew what bullion was. I always thought of it being related to pirate treasure. The designs are actually really cute. They have the most adorable panda coins available too so you can have a collectible while also investing.

It is really easy to buy bullion too with lots of options to choose from. I would definitely go for a cutie collection all animal based coins. Then I could keep them on display even if I wanted to! I am not sure if they make white gold bullion but that would be awesome if they did! I prefer it to golden colored gold and even more so over rose colored gold as well. So if you are looking for an investment that is not as scary as the stock market I would recommend that you buy gold bullion. Put your money somewhere cool instead of trusting in some guys in suits to make your stock buying decisions! Start planning for your future!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

500 prim spot for rent!

Land for rent 2288 meters 500 prims for rent on a private island! $4500 lindens a month to rent! You will own the land can have terraform etc and do whatever you like with it! Check it out and contact me at if interested. Best for commercial location as my store Ravenwear also shares the island.

Hotness on the road

During the summer it is a great time to get a new car. Sucks when your air isn't working or worse yet your car over heats at stop lights. No fun looking like a loser at the beach! It does suck when you have had your car more than a few years and the age is definitely starting to show. We might all like to have a nice bran new mercedes benz cl-class but I just do not see that being very realistic for someone like me unless I win the lottery! I can look and dream though. There is something classy about a Mercedes plus I have an amazing friend that is a mechanic for the brand.

There are so many new cars coming out it is hard to keep up. I saw the new nissan cube now that is a pretty cool concept. Really reminds me more if a space age car. I have to admit it is hard to be a true green driver this car looks like your best way to go amd this vehicle gets good gas mileage! Having a box car is a little weird but it is a small price to pay for helping sustain the planet.

Something more realistic might be a honda accord A very good all around car. Not too big not too small but just right. This car looks great and still has room for your friends and gear. Great on gas miles which is really important today. I know it is hard to get away with spending less than $30 to fill up your car. This car will give you more gas bang for your buck!

Of course if you have a family something like a jaguar xj might make more sense. Stylish and roomy and it is a Jaguar which makes it awesome. This car would be something I would buy if I had the extra money to splurge on it. Perhaps it is something you can afford to do!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


There are so many options anymore when it comes to TV. Every company is always running a lot of specials. It is just finding what is right for you. I personally go for the places that have certain channels on special. I love watching some showtime. I know everyone is different but I prefer it over HBO. I like to swap around companies here and there as well once my contracts with the last runs out. Lets you really figure out whats best and gets you the best dealer longer on cable. I know there are always alot of year or two year contacts for cable specials. I love the bundle deals makes it alot cheaper to get everything you want. Do make sure you are not getting channels you do not want. I ended up with a few months of the Spanish Channel that I had to pay for when I do not even speak Spanish! With a phone call they did correct it and credit me for the amount that had been billed. My friend personally liked the Dish specials. I myself am not as much of a fan due to living in an association that does not like satellites. I just recommend doing your research and knowing what you want most. Companies will work you deals and specials to suit your needs you just have to ask.

Adventures in Satellites

I helped a friend out this past weekend installing their satellite dish for TV service. It went surprisingly well. I am not a mechanically inclined person by any means but I am good with directions. With his hands on and my ability to read we made a great pair. I was guessing it would take hours to do but I was surprised at how easy it was. The challenging part was finding a clear line of site. We learned a compass is a smart part of any installation. The large trees in the area did not help but we found a way to work around them. Once we got the site lined up it all started to fall into line. Of course what would have been easier was to let someone else install it. Directv comes with free satellite dish installation so do not worry if you have no clue what you are doing you will just get to sit back and watch. I have to admit I would have preferred this way but we know men are stubborn and like to do things on their own at times.

We did refer to government rules for installing a dish.
I never realized there were such things so it is a good thing to know. The information wasn't surprising though. After making sure we were all clear it was time to turn on the tv on and check out the good work we had done. He is now happy and i actually feel good for being able to conquer such a task without prior experience. I have been watching the United States of Tara it is an awesome show! Maybe it will be date night! lol

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunday days

I have been watching a lot of nascar lately. They are long races but always fun. Me and my friends have been getting together for it and making a day of it. You know wings, snacks, food, beers the entire shebang. Cox sports is an awesome way to view the race. Just sit back and relax with a clear crisp picture and better then being at the race because you are enjoying it from the comfort of the air conditioning. I don't know about you guys but in Virginia it is extremely hot and I am not a fan of the heat! I am personally a fan of Kasey Kane number 09 the Budweiser car. He might not win a lot of the races but he still is my favorite. I do not care too much for some of the more arrogant drivers. Jimmy Johnson is also an alright driver. I know he is a favorite among many of the fans. Not a fan of Jeff Gordon he just seems like he has a serious ego issue. I am not a redneck for those of you that know me but there is something about drive fast turn left that gets me!

Time Warner sports has some awesome Mazda races on as well. Nothing like a great car race! I love watching the crashes as well always interesting. lol I know it is not very proper to like to watch crashes but at the same time it is the adrenaline and the exhilaration! I do like watching some of the other car make and model races as well. I actually was taught by a BMW race car driver how to drive when I was 17!

For the men out there we know the true sunday ticket is the NFL. I can watch it sometimes with my boyfriend. He likes the Saints and I prefer the Steelers so that is always fun when we get to disagree on who is better. Even not being a big football fan I do love getting friends together in Sundays and spending the day in front of the tv yelling and enjoying finger foods!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Styling in the city

I took an amazing trip to New York City recently. It was great weather and there is also so much hustle and bustle in the city. I walked central park and sat ad listened to a band playing. I got to enjoy the sites of spring time and the birds. I also was able to do a lot of amazing shopping in the city. There was always a lot to see and do. The only complaint I had about the city was the fact that it was so full of traffic that driving and finding parking was a virtual nightmare not to mention it could cost as much as $45 a day to park in a garage. Can you imagine!?!?! You also then have to entrust in the location and that your vehicle will not be damaged. That is a lot of trust to place into a complete stranger.

One of the evenings I stayed there we wanted to see time square at night in all the beauty of the bright lights. We did not feel like being hassled with driving in from Brooklyn to Manhattan so we decided to find a brooklyn limousine service. There were a lot to pick from but I wanted something that was affordable as well as nice. So I decided to look at the discount limousine new york area services and found one that seemed very reliable. We booked it for the evening and got to enjoy the city without the traffic headache we had the first few nights we stayed in the city. It was gorgeous and Time Square was a lot of fun! The best part was we didn't have to deal with parking! Who would think of a cheap limousine new york service? It really was a good idea and well worth the extra money. If there is a group going in on it it really works out to a little more then subway fair and a lot less hassle. I am really looking forward to a return trip!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Make extra money in second life? Become a wholesaler

Ravenwear Wholesaling!

What a great way to earn some extra money!!!

Want to start your own business in second life? Have the drive and desire to run a store but are lacking the ability to create products? Well become a Ravenwear Wholesaler!

The goods:

You will be able to purchase any Ravenwear products at 50% off with a minimum purchase of 10 items per design being required. You then can resell the items in your own store for a profit! Contact me at for more info or to get started!