Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ravenwear The Sparrow

This is a cute look sculpt skirt, sculpt arm piece, neck piece, and sculpt boots all to match! All of course are copy mod no transfer. On sale in the New Release Room at Ravenwear first door on the left when you tp in. Grab all for $250!

Ravenwear Sybil

Cute long flirty style that comes in a wide variety of colors including the popular black with different color tips. It is a free demo and of course all hair is mod, copy no transfer. You can grab a copy of your favorite color for $75 or get the large fat pack for $550!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ravenwear new hair in MONTHS!

Can you imagine new hair from me wow a shocker lol This is a cute style a bit of posh mixed with some mirabell. Soooo cute comes in a handful of colors located in the REDONE store!!! Yes everything is different. I will be adding more items in the weeeks to come so check back. And remember RAVEN IS BACK!!!! Skin show and outfit are also ravenwear. As always free demo and single colors $75