Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Naughty or Nice at Ravenwear

So which are you? This adorable set could be naughty or nice ;) White blouse with built in sweater has cross buttons. The prim skirt is textures to match the texture of the sweater as well as the lil under shorts. The stockings are oh so sexy with cross embelishments. Doll shown is sold seperate but will be the next in the Dark Dollies Series. So come on in and take a peek!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ravenwear 5 shirt pack

These shirts are super cute for all those gothy, punk, skate betys out there. The purple one has happy bunny on the back with the kiss my ass look, the grey has a skull bursting out, the white one has a cute skull emblem, the pink a cute fairy, and the blue a gothic moo moo. A nice lil mix all in one pack! Don't forget to visit the new part of Ravenwear directly to the right through the opening in the wall. Has some evil toys adding more daily

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dark Dollies Wednesday

Hey guys we have a new project going on next door! A funhouse/kid zone. I have started a new line of gothic dollies. The first one is Wednesday and is such a cutie. You just wear her and she attaches to your hand. She is a well loved gothic doll baby! Check out all the other toys for sale such as demented bouncy balls, animals that make noises, bunny chairs etc etc More to be added daily as it takes shape!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ravenwear Urban Camo

This pants, glove and corset set is hawt with bad ass written all over it. Comes in three other colors. This is the urban color scheme

Ravenwear Army Camo

Pants, corset and gloves all with army camo and stars. Paired up with sexy boots and sexy hair it can be hawt or pair it up with soem bad ass accessories and it is wowsers! Also comes in three other color choices available for $120 front of the store. I will be putting the other pics up on the notices throughout the day. Also check out the kiddie playground in front of the shop!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ravenwear Bluebelle

This set is a very hawt number. The prim skirt is oh so short with some hawt stockings underneath. The skirt has the same matching material as the cloak a black vinyl with blue sparkley blue belles on it. The cloak has lace and spikes. The top is also a perfect match and comes with gloves. Also included is a shrug that can be worn or not. There are alot of ways to really make a look here only $300 lindens for the entire set! Mod and Trans

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ravenwear Trollop for him and her

Todays release is all about understated plaid. The girls version has two skirts one with a skirt with open laced corset back and the other skirt is closed for the more conservative. The corset top also has pretty soft pink laces in the back as well as on them atching arm warmers. The mens set is devoid of all pink hehe it is a plaid top with matching black pants with plaid accents. Retails for $120!

Ravenwear Alienation Cloak

This cloak is a first from Ravenwear has alot of spikes on the back and a fabric wrap around the front. The lace flows and wiggles as you walk. It is mod and trans and looks awesome with your darkest avatar. Bubbles looks fantastic in the picture and really shows off the capes darkside. Retails for $185. So pop in and pick one up! The clothing shown in the pic is sold seperate but also available at Ravenwear it is Priestess on the back right part of the shop

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ravenwear Chalice

Oriental flair dress comes with jacket, skirt, panty and stokcing layer. Also included are optional prim sleeves. The dress is knee length but is modable. Also the skirt and jacket tint very nicely so they look awesome in red, blue, pink etc etc so have fun with the look!!! Aria Alexandria helped me to make a beautiful pic! For sale $140 at the front of the shop!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Ravenwear Tattered

Soft and feminine reminding me of a fallen angel. The top is tattered and frayed along the borders. The sleeves are built in but the top is modable so easily can be shortened. The pants and blue and also tattered and frayed with a cute fabric sash at the waist. Also modable to wear with your fav boots. If you are looking for a softer look please come check it out only $120.

Vinyl and Rhinestones

This set has alot of fashion flair. THe top is a sexy pinstriped tank with a revealing neckline embelleshed with an alluring rhinestone design. The skirt is modable and can be adjusted from floor length to mini. It is vinyl and catches the light in all the right places. The pin striped arm warmers top off the set. The model wore heels on the shoot but it also looks great with your fav sexy boots. Selling for only $120 located at the middle wall in Ravenwear!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ravenwear Lost Love

This hawt new outfit from Ravenwear is a pretty foxy lil number which your just going to love and is rather breathtaking if I do say so myself.

It comprises of skirt with a swirling black and white texture, a top that has rhinestone heart accents on the bust , prim arm bands and finishing it off nicely is a prim choker.

This outfit sells for $140 lindens and is available now @ Ravenwear

Friday, January 19, 2007

Hand SPikes from Ravenwear

New at Ravenwear, prim handspikes!! Ravamped with new textures and top of the hand spiklets, for that added rending touch!! Goes great with any outfit for that bad ass touch!

Ravenwear Atrophy

Atrophy is a seductive, slippery lil pants set. Comes with a tank top with buckle cut sides and a sexy sheen. The pants are very, very low rise with a hawt phinestone cross embelishment and cut out buckle accents on the side. The gloves are buckled up for a nice lil addition to the look. Looks super sexy with heels or with boots for sale $120 lindens!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Diva Doll

This outfit is really inspired by the things I am currently wearing real life. Cute tee's and tanks with leggings and a skirt over top. The tank is done with rhinestones on the front that say Diva and below it xoxoxo. A fashionable outfit yet comfy! Woofie really makes this outfit so adorable with her swishy tail! Set comes with top, gloves, skirt, and leggings. The prim skirt is mod and trans. Retails for $150!

Ravenwear Femme La Goth

This is a sexy set featuring a vinyl tank top with bows on the straps and a rhinestone cross embelishing the front. Comes with panties and stockings for the perfect touch and the flexi prim skirt is short and sassy. The prim skirt is mod and trans so you can buy it as gifts! For sale for $150 lindens located on the middle wall at the front of the shop.

The creation of a blog!

Well after a lot of slackering I decided i would hop on the blog band wagon for the shop. Please bookmark this and come back and check it out! I will be posting the newest releases along with my thoughts and just basica randomness! Also check in to see some awesome sl photography by Storm Falcone! We are also in the midst of launching a fashion magazine that will be much more! So please check back for new creations for the fashionably dead! Don't forget to pop by the shop at: