Friday, February 15, 2013

Well it has been a long time since the last update on my blog.  Life has gotten so very busy with work, new opportunities and of course having fun.  I do apologize for the lapse in posting.  I have finally figured a way to juggle it all and still have time to get online.  I do hope this post finds you all in good spirits and busy but not too busy to take time to enjoy the other things in life!

I have been helping a friend with hotel renovations.  Let me tell you that is a tall order!! She has had to order alot of products from Hotel Supply  companies!  There are so many amazing items and deals out there to help stream line the process.  Not to mention some unbelievably cool items to help make running a hotel bar run smoothly.  Looking at all this amazing cookware and hotel products has made me ohh and ahh at all the things i would love in my own kitchen! 

Finding an easy way to order Georgia Hotel Supplies Online 
has made the process so smooth.  The stress factor has went down and it has allowed us to really keep our heads in the game of planning a successful hotel bar area.  The Hotel Bar Supplies
 offered can really make heads turn and keep a mood running throughout. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beat the heat

Ugh this heat in the east has just been oppressive. The only thing I want to do is stay in enjoy air conditioning involved activities. My computer becomes a good friend of mine during the heat. The comfort of the PC chair, the socialness of things like online games or facebook keep me feeling connected while avoiding the heat! Keeping active while keeping cool is a high priority for me. I do not like to just sit idol but at the same time I definitely do not want to battle the humidity we have in the Mid Atlantic states!

Spending time connected to an online game keeps my brain active. I definitely find word games to be quite addictive. The fact I can play some for free is even better! There are also a lot of games out there to keep your little ones busy during the summer months and save your sanity. Cute little games with princesses are always a favorite with my nieces.

My favorite is being able to connect the free online games to my facebook and let my friends stay involved. That brings in the social aspect so I stay connected even though I never leave the comfort of my home! The best is spending the morning in pj's having a good time online! So if you are living in an area affected by this heat wave I encourage you to take a break and do some free gaming to keep busy!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Do you ever wonder why you feel the way you do? Is it something from within that makes you or is it a accumulation of the events that have unfolded in your life adding up and mixing to make the person you are? I will never know the answer but I do know that feeling misunderstood makes you feel alone. Striving always to find that perfect balance leads you exhausted. Blogging is a great way to get it out and allow you to just lay it all out there. Clear your head and be able to let it go. I would suggest to everyone to have an outlet for your feelings.

The Big C hitting home

I am awaiting the return of Nurse Jackie and the Big C to Showtimes unstoppable tv series line up. After the confusing end to The Big C last season I am waiting to see if Cathy's husband is actually dead or alive. The cliff hangers in series always get me! I did not think I would be able to get into a show about the horrible disease called cancer but the characters are so real and just make you have the ability to see how lucky you really are. Direct tv brings me the series in reliable, high definition broadcasting keeping my cravings satisfied. I have found that The Big C was my most surprising tv series find. You would think a series on the subject would be depressing and slow dragging but the writers have found a way to bring the topic to light while making you feel a connection to Cathy's life and friends.

Nurse Jackie is on the other end of the spectrum of tv shows. The lead character Nurse Jackie being someone you might find it hard to emphasize with but you just want to see how it ends so you keep your self glued to your dx3 direct tv. I find it hard to emphasize with the character as the entire topic of leading a double life is something i can not grasp. I have a hard enough time keeping up with one life. Nurse Jackie does allow me to see life through someone on the opposite end of realities eyes. The series start in May so we do not have a lot more time to wait to find out what this next installment will bring. Until then I will check for schedules, update and all the nest ino on Direct TV.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finding a good deal on a car

Buying a car is always a difficult choice. We all hate spending days on days searching lots while shady car dealer sales people chase us down bothering us every step of the way. Twenty years ago you had no other option but to be harassed and bothered during this experience. Or the fake sticker prices that are always marked up thousands of dollars to trick you into thinking you are getting a good deal. I am not always a fan of the internet but I have found it makes car buying a lot easier. It has introduced many new sources to help the average person find the right car at the best price. From car reviews to the ability to look up facts on a specific car using the VIN to make sure it has not been in an accident or totaled out the net helps to protect us from potentially devastating purchases that we will regret for years.

There are some awesome websites out there that assist you in finding used cars. is an amazing resource. It allowed me to see what vehicles were available without leaving my home. It also has listings for different makes of cards saving your gas from driving to the different dealerships before you know they have what you want. Buying a used car just got less frustrating! I saw an amazing Durango on Steve Hansen Hyandia that was for sale. It really peaked my interest with having four dogs the space is really an issue for me! Or perhaps a Pacifica a little more modern stylings but with the same room inside for the furry friends from Dewey Chrysler dealer. No matter what you are looking for find it from the comfort from your home and then go to deal with the process of test driving and haggling. One less stepo in the annoyance of buying a used car!

Getting a Website

This guest post from Werner Rogers

It is clearly time for me to get a website for my company that potential customers can browse to see examples of my work, check out prices and specials, and learn about me. I can’t even tell you how many potential customers have asked me over the last few years “do you have a website?” or “what is your web address?” I always wanted to come across as a mom and pop type shop, but in this day and age, to not have a website is putting me drastically behind my competition. I recently searched my competition on the internet, and each one of them have not only a website, but a good website. I am searching to look for some guidance in this area. I am really not all that tech savvy, and I have previously been a little intimidated by the whole idea of getting a website and managing costumers that way. I am going to have to take the leap, though, if I want my business to thrive and last.

Monday, March 12, 2012


As a small business owner we are always faced with the task of keeping our data safe. Whether it be tax information, client information, or important knowledge based information I find it to be a struggle. Finding reliable and cost effective business solution has been a challenge. I spend most of my time running the business and taking care to make sure daily operations go overly smoothly. My personal preference is working with a reliable company that offers all of the services that I need. To have your data needs spread out over multiple companies can get just as confusing as the decision themselves!

I have found a variety of options for hosting my data elsewhere so that I do not need to fear a crash of my personally owned external HD's is to use a cloud hosting situation. The biggest concern is then my security but when the cloud is a private cloud. This way I know I am the only one with access to the data. There are just so many options that a small business owner would never know about without the help of a trust worthy data solution company. If you have ever experienced a hard drive crash you know how devastating that can be. Losing years worth of valuable information can bring down a wall of stress onto your head. I unfortunately had to deal with this a few years ago. It taught me an invaluable lesson! Data recovery is possible but not always a true option. Sometimes data just can not be restored. I spent a night crying about the loss of some important tax information that I was unable to retrieve. After stressing and fearing the worst I realized that when we have important information we must do our best to keep it safe. It is sometimes as valuable as our favorite jewelry and we would never leave that just lying about unsecured.

I am by no means a complete computer geek so I do not understand all of the terminology or the options. Having a trusted company explain these to you definitely helped set me into the right direction. So take it from one business owner to another please step up and protect that valuable information before it is too late!